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Baka Forest People - Heart of the Forest


  1. Yelli 1
  2. Yelli 2
  3. Yelli 3
  4. Water Drums 1
  5. Water Drums 2
  6. Nursery Rhyme
  7. Venolouma
  8. Ieta
  9. Aiya (Ngombi na Péké 1)
  10. Limbindi & Voices
  11. An G'Bendi (earth bow)
  12. Limbindi
  13. Water Drums 3
  14. Abale
  15. Solo Voice
  16. Ngonnalati (Ngombi na Péké 2)
  17. Naboma (Ngombi na Péké 3)
  18. A Capella
  19. Toji playing Ngombi na Péké
  20. Forest Party
  21. Distant Yelli


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Cradled in the heart of the African Rain forest lives one of the oldest and most sensitive musical cultures on Earth. The music of the Baka pygmies is a secret, it is something very special. It has profoundly influenced all who have come into contact with it: you can hear it in the music of the Baka's neighbours in West Africa, and by a process of diffusion you can find its influence in the Blues and western popular music too.

"The Heart of the Forest" was recorded live in the rainforest of S. E. Cameroon by Martin Cradick, guitarist formerly of the band "Outback" and currently the driving force behind "Baka Beyond". It was released in 1993 on Hannibal Records (HNCD1378) along with a companion album, "Spirit of the Forest" - a collaboration between Martin and the Baka.

Royalties from this album go to "One Heart", a registered charity that is solely for the purpose of channelling funds back to the Baka to help them preserve their forest and culture, and to help with any development projects that the Baka instigate.

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