Topé Malangui Bodé
Recording the album "Kopolo" in Congo Basin Feb 2012

Slide show
Photos from the forest to music from the album "Baka in the Forest"

Recording "Beyond the Forest"
Singing, dancing and interviews with Loni & Martin

Building a Baka camp 2009
Clearing the undergrowth and building mongolous to a live musical accompaniment from Baka Gbiné

Baka women singing
Recording the Baka women singing their traditional yelli in the forest near Gbiné

The Baka at Gbiné 2008
Music, dance, cooking and hanging out.

Music House Part 1
Building a traditional mongolu style music house using traditional Baka methods.

Music House Part 2
Building the timber framed music house at Gbiné

Music in the Forest
Video of a jam at the forest camp, Lupé.

Recording Nawa
See the recording of the track "Nawa" from Gati Bongo at "Big Tree Studio" under a giant buttress-rooted tree

Baka Gbiné live with Baka Beyond
Filmed during Baka Gbiné's visit to England in May 2006.

Water Drumming
Baka girls playing in the River Lupé.

Mari playing the limbindi at Canya.

Angbendi (Earth bow)
Baka man playing the earth bow at Canya.

Mokoloba playing the ngombi at Gbiné.